About Us

Welcome to Uniquo

Uniquo is driven by a goal of operational excellence and client intimacy. Our dedication goes beyond simply providing services; we try to make work environments safer and better for all stakeholders. We accept change as the sole constant, acknowledging the inevitability of growth in both people and processes.

We are constantly looking for ways to better ourselves and our processes, driven by a strong commitment to learning and continuous development. Our tech-savvy workplace culture increases stakeholder satisfaction, establishing us as industry leaders and pioneers in transforming our area.

Every colleague receives a unique and unforgettable experience, which is key to our concept. Their happiness pulls us ahead, motivating us to better every day.

Why Choose Us ?

Choosing Uniquo means choosing reliability, expertise, and personalized service. Here’s why we stand out:

Technological aids

We use cutting-edge technical assistance to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our services, guaranteeing that you obtain the most advanced approaches adapted to your specific requirements

Digital Support

Our specialized digital support system offers consistent contact and help throughout your interaction with us, ensuring a hassle-free experience from beginning to end.

ISO certified

As an ISO-certified firm, we adhere to internationally accepted quality and excellence standards, giving you trust in our services.

Trained and Certified Team

Our staff consists of highly trained and qualified specialists with vast experience in their respective industries, guaranteeing that your projects are handled with precision and proficiency.

MSME Member

As a member of the MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) sector, we understand the particular difficulties and demands of small and medium-sized enterprises and provide specialized solutions to match your individual requirements.

Multi-Project Experience

With extensive expertise managing many projects across several sectors, we have the agility and adaptability to tackle complex issues and produce great outcomes.

Quality service

We are dedicated to providing great service that surpasses your expectations, putting your pleasure first and aiming for perfection in all we do.

Standard Checklist

Our comprehensive standard checklist guarantees that our approach is thorough and consistent, that no detail is ignored, and that all standards are satisfied carefully.

Pan-India Presence

We have a PAN India presence, so we can serve clients all over the nation, providing dependable and accessible services no matter where they are.

Reliable service

You can count on us to provide dependable and consistent service, meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, and completing our promises with honesty and professionalism.

Strong credentials

We have an established track record of accomplishment and a portfolio of impressive credentials that demonstrate our knowledge and talents. Our pleased clients and successful projects demonstrate our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

QR Tagging

Our QR tagging solution enables convenient tracking and monitoring of projects and assets. QR codes connected to digital records and paperwork allow you to access crucial information and changes instantaneously, improving openness and efficiency in our services.


Our purpose is straightforward: to deliver services that our clients trust. We customize our services to meet your safety requirements, simplifying your chores and fostering a culture of safety and excellence across sectors.


We are devoted to meeting the expanding expectations of industries while remaining true to our core convictions. Our safety solutions meet industry requirements, allowing our clients to achieve even higher heights.
Safety Solutions You Can Trust

Uniquo focuses on providing the safety solutions you require. Our objective is to generate high-quality employment, enhance skill levels, and ensure the safety of all employees. We endeavor to make qualitative changes to industrial health and safety standards, concentrating on areas where safety is commonly risked.

Join us on our path to a safer and more efficient future.
Uniquo provides safety solutions that exceed your expectations.