Uniquo provides a complete variety of testing services to guarantee that your equipment and facilities are safe, reliable, and compliant. Our testing processes are carried out in line with Sections 28, 29, and 31 of the Factories Act 1948, and they adhere to strict regulatory requirements. Here is a summary of our testing capabilities:

Lifting Tools and Pressure Vessel Testing

We thoroughly evaluate lifting equipment and pressure vessels to detect any flaws or deficiencies that could threaten safety or performance. Our testing techniques are intended to comply with regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Load Testing

Our load testing services determine the capacity and structural integrity of equipment under varying loads. By putting equipment through simulated stresses, we verify that it can sustain operating demands without failing.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

We use modern NDT techniques to test materials and components for flaws without causing harm. Our NDT techniques include ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, and liquid penetrant testing.

Welding Test

We carry out welding tests to determine the quality and integrity of welded connections. Our qualified welding inspectors guarantee that welding processes and practices adhere to industry standards and requirements.

Pullout Test

Our pull-out testing evaluates the strength and performance of fixes and fasteners. By putting fasteners under strain, we may assess their holding capability and compatibility for the planned applications.

Noise Test

We conduct noise level evaluations to determine workplace noise exposure and assure adherence to occupational health and safety laws. Our noise testing helps to reduce the risk of hearing loss and other health problems.

 Lux Test

Our lux testing determines lighting levels in workstations to guarantee appropriate illumination for safety and productivity. We examine lighting homogeneity and intensity to offer the best working circumstances.

Air Monitoring

We monitor air quality to identify possible threats and maintain a safe work environment. To protect workers’ health, we provide air monitoring services that detect levels of pollutants, gasses, and particle matter.

Calibration of instruments

We provide calibration services to assure the accuracy and reliability of measuring devices. Our calibration techniques validate equipment performance against recognized standards, ensuring measurement accuracy.

Uniquo provides complete testing services that focus safety, compliance, and quality assurance. Our expert team and cutting-edge technology guarantee precise and dependable results for your testing requirements.

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