Uniquo provides complete audit services to assist firms examine and improve their safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. Our skilled auditors undertake in-depth investigations and assessments to identify possible risks, compliance gaps, and opportunities for improvement. Here are the audit services that we offer:

SHE Audit (Safety, Health, and Environment).

Our SHE audits assess an organization’s safety, health, and environmental policies to verify compliance with rules and industry standards. We evaluate workplace safety measures, health protocols, and environmental sustainability practices in order to reduce risks and create a safe and healthy work environment.

Structured Audit

Our structural audits analyze the structural integrity and safety of buildings, structures, and infrastructure. We discover possible structural faults, defects, or vulnerabilities in order to avoid accidents, maintain building code compliance, and extend the life of structures.

Electrical Audit

Our electrical audits look at electrical systems, equipment, and installations for safety dangers, code breaches, and efficiency issues. We inspect electrical wiring, circuits, components, and grounding systems to verify they meet electrical safety standards and regulations.

Batching Plant Audit

Our batch plant audits assess the efficiency, safety, and compliance of concrete batching plants and facilities. To maximize efficiency and assure quality concrete production, we evaluate batching procedures, equipment performance, material handling methods, and environmental control measures.

Fire Audit

Our fire audits evaluate fire safety systems, methods, and equipment to avoid and minimize fire dangers. We assess fire detection systems, emergency evacuation plans, fire extinguishers, and other fire safety measures to ensure that they comply with fire safety legislation and standards.

Uniquo offers expert audit services that deliver actionable insights and suggestions to improve safety, compliance, and operational performance. Our professional auditors are devoted to assisting firms in identifying and addressing any risks and vulnerabilities in order to achieve excellence in safety and compliance.

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