Uniquo specializes in conducting thorough and detailed inspections to assure the safety, integrity, and compliance of your equipment and facilities. Our skilled inspectors follow industry standards and regulatory regulations to provide dependable results. Here are the primary inspection services that we provide:

Inspection of plant and machinery

Our plant and machinery inspections include a thorough evaluation of the equipment to discover any hazards, faults, or malfunctions. We evaluate mechanical, electrical, and structural components to guarantee maximum performance and safety.

Inspection of Pressure Vessel

We thoroughly evaluate pressure vessels for evidence of corrosion, leaks, or structural flaws. Our inspections assist to prevent possible risks and guarantee that pressure equipment meets regulatory standards.

Scaffold Inspection

Our scaffold inspection services evaluate the stability, structural integrity, and safety of scaffold structures. We detect possible dangers like as instability, insufficient support, or unsafe assembly in order to reduce risks and maintain worker safety.

Inspection of Lifting Tools

We examine lifting tools and equipment to ensure they are in good shape, functioning, and meet safety regulations. Our inspections encompass a wide range of lifting devices, including cranes, hoists, slings, and rigging equipment, to assure their safety and avoid accidents.

Uniquo provides dependable and competent inspection services that stress safety, compliance, and quality assurance. Our devoted team of inspectors is committed to providing accurate and actionable insights to assist you in maintaining safe and effective operations.

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